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Friday 18 March 2011

Guide your clients to be a responsible traveler

One social responsibility of a tour guide is to help with the sustainable development in local tourism. Guide is one of the links in tourism (others including scenic spots, natural and cultural legacy, transportation, hotel, entertainments…). Your contribution to the local travel environment will benefit yourself in the long term.

Help with the natural environment. This is especially important for guiding in natural sceneries. Inform your clients what they can do and what they should not. For example, can travelers feed animals in the wild? In most cases “No”. Do not step on the plants or grass for a better picture. Tour guide need to inform general rules in advance. Then during the sightseeing tour, mind the behavior of your clients and gently point out misbehavior.

Respect local culture, people and customs. Each destination has its own culture and customs. Local people speak the same language and live with their tradition. For a foreign visitor, it is important to recognize the difference and respect the local way of living. Tour guide performs as a bridge between local people and foreign travelers. Travelers are new to a place so your guidance is necessary.

Contribute to the local economy. Inbound tourism is a way that makes contribution to the local economy. Traveler’s spending on dining, shopping, sightseeing…all help the economic growth. As a tour guide, why not introduce more local foods, brands, and unique projects? On one hand, things with local characters appear more interesting to travels. On the other hand, you made your contribution to the local society. A win-win situation.

Have you realized your social role as a tour guide and what have you done to guide more responsible travelers?


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