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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Tour Guide Survey with Anna Benaki

Tour Guide Anna Benaki in Athens

1. What is the best thing you like being a tour guide?
What I like best from being a tour guide is the fact that I get in touch with many people of different nationalities, age, culture and I learn from them as much as they learn from me.
In order to become a tour guide I studied the history of my country and travelled in all sites and museums so I truly discovered the beauties of Greece and I now have the opportunity to show them to foreigners.
I enjoy very much the fact that every day of work is different, there is no routine and I contribute to the holidays of my clients.

2. What is your most memorable moment in guiding so far?
I have many memorable moments in guiding: august 2004 when I was working for the Olympics in Athens with coca cola company and I attended the opening and closing ceremony along with many games. All the special occasions I celebrated with my clients, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, making me feel part of them. Sailing in the Aegean sea, watching the sunrise and sunset, are just a few of them.

3. What is most challenging for you in this career? Have you coped with it?
Most challenging for me in this career is dealing with problems that may occur, such as accidents, health problems, difficult weather conditions, matching different people in a group, creating a good atmosphere for them.
I have already coped with all of the above, successfully I can say, judging from the feedback of my tours.

4. What is your favorite place/thing that you want to show your travel clients?
I have many favourite places and things I would like to show to my clients. Such as family owned tavernas so as to taste the local cuisine, hiking on mountains so as to get the best view of the sun that sets in the sea, trails to follow so as to run into goats, donkeys and wild flowers away from the touristic areas.
Fortunately Greece still has many hidden treasuries off the beaten track...

5. What if you were not a tour guide? What do you imagine yourself to be?
If I was not a tour guide, I imagine myself working with many people, public relations maybe, as a diplomat, organizing events, but I cannot imagine if any of these would give the same pleasure as from my present work.


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