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Tuesday 23 February 2010

Tips to confirm a booking with your clients

When a tour guide works for travel agencies, you usually wait for the company to pass on confirmed clients to you. When a tour guide is in contact with potential clients directly, do you realize that you actually play part of the role as a sales person? In fact you are the sales person and need to close the sale to get the business from the client.
You need to tell your clients why they should choose to travel with you. Give them confidence to click the final button “Book this Tour Guide” so you can earn some more income.

Here are some tips to seal a deal with your prospective clients

1. Give thanks to them for contacting you and welcome the clients to your city.

2. Notice the client’s personal interest and promote specific sightseeing tours. Pay attention to exactly what the client asks for in their first email to you. The closer you get to their interest, the more possible clients will choose your service. What differentiates a private tour guide from package tour is the tailor-made personal tour experience. The tour can be customized to personal preferences, tailored to their time of visit, or match the age span in the group.

3. Think in advance of your clients. As a tour guide, you are more familiar with the scenic spots, itinerary design, cost included or excluded in your tours etc. Will the place they are interested be closed at weekends? Is car renting required for their group and for what price? Is it better to quote also in their currency to save them from rate checking? Reply to your clients proactively. Do not wait for their queries.

Now that you are both happy about the tour arrangements, it is time for a booking. Do not presume that your clients are all internet savvy. Some people are but alot are not internet smart. Why not make it easier for your clients to book you? For example, if clients have chosen a sightseeing tour with you, send them the exact tour link/URL directly. So they can just hit the button “Book” and complete quickly and simply.

Do you have any successful tips to close a deal with your prospect clients?

Wednesday 10 February 2010

Tour Guide Survey with Adel in Cairo

Tour Guide Adel Taha, Cairo Sightseeing Tours

1. What is the best thing you like being a tour guide?

the best thing of being a tour guide is the work and people. i go to this work and i love it. i have some days in cairo, some around other parts of i love to be at new area and enjoy it. Also i have no manager telling me what to do ,but i do what's my heart telling me to do for my clients to make them happy and enjoy every mintue. I was born beside the temple of kom ombo in aswan. so it's in my blood to show people our places, temples and that's making me more happy to see them smiling and want to visit and see more of this places.

2. What is your most memorable moment in guiding so far?

when people are ready to leave, specially when they are here for a long tour(many days)but sometimes they don't want to leave me not Egypt as their time here is so special. that happened to me the last group...

3. What is most challenging for you in this career? Have you coped with it?

some local rules that delay us from making the tours in the format we would like to.

4. What is your favorite place/thing that you want to show your travel clients?

the great pyramids of giza......for sure.

5. What if you were not a tour guide? What do you imagine yourself to be?

if i wasn't a tour guide - wow - i can't imagine to be anything i will be just an Egypt tour guide, nothing else.

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As a tour guide, do you have stories to share?