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Friday 21 December 2007

Local Tour Guides in Beijing 2008

So the famous summer Olympics are in China for 2008. Millions of people will be tuning in to the event where the proud Chinese will be showcasing their very best.
Does that include local private tour guides so that the overseas visitors can get the most out of the trip. Imagine the huge positive impression that would have rather than these visitors getting frustrated by the different language and food.

I think the local private tour guides of Beijing will be the real Olympic champions....
What do you think?

Monday 10 December 2007

Are local private tour guides expensive?

Can one really put a price on gaining insight and a unique experience when they travel to a new country?
If you can get a local private tour guide for less than 10USD per hour is most exotic countries like Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, Kenya is that not a bargain?

Personally, I have learnt so much from my interaction with private tour guides while travelling overseas that I now view it as a basic need. The personal contact and unique experience are priceless.

Have an adventure!

Dave C

Thursday 6 December 2007

Getting insight into Buenos Aires

My wife and I were on an extended honeymoon back in August 2007 and stopped by the fantastic Buenos Aires for 3 days. Having such a short time we decided to get local insight on day 1. The private tour guide company we chose was

The insughtful Willy Burton headed the tour. Very patient and knowledgeable.
We really got the feel for old and present day BA. 5 stars!!!!

Dave C

Tuesday 4 December 2007

Ourexplorer Alpha site for private tour guides live

Great news for all you private tour guides and adventure travellers. The Alpha site of Ourexplorer is now live

It is just a test site to get initial feedback from local private tour guides and travellers who like an adventure.

Dave C

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Income for private tour guides

local private tour guides

After coming back from a trip to Bolivia I was really further inspired to set up
Ourexplorer is a travel community where the adventurous traveller can find, connect and book with a local private tour guide. The service is free for the local private tour guide and they can earn a much needed income as well as learning about other cultures around the world.
Ourexplorer is owned by the users, changes are voted on by the users and 100% profit is donated to charity each year, 2008 UNICEF.
Ourexplorer will be the number 1 site for local private tour guides to earn more income.

Please contact me for any further information

Dave C