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Friday 25 March 2011

How to cope with festivals and events?

There are festivals and events throughout the year. Traditional festivals can be a reason to attract travelers to a destination, while different events may feed the interest of various travelers. Tour guides shall consider such special cases to promote unique sightseeing tours.

Firstly, a tour guide needs to be well equipped with the latest news. You shall know what is going on this year. How long is the festival period? What celebration will take on and where? Is there anything new this time? Then, you can design a special holiday sightseeing tour. If there are big events in the city, e.g. Xi’an Horticultural Exposition in 2011, it is recommended to combine the event with routine tours. Travelers will therefore have more choices during the visit.

Secondly, take negative factors into consideration. Are there a lot more visitors into your destination during the festival? If yes, arrange transportation, hotel or activity bookings in advance. Think proactively to provide a vivid tour while avoiding the crowds. During the holiday period, do shops and restaurants still open as usual?

Thirdly, mind the local tradition and customs. Mind this especially for traditional or religious festivals in your destination. Do local people welcome foreign visitors to join the celebration? Will it bother your clients who hold a different religion? As a tour guide, it is necessary to understand both the local custom and client needs.

Lastly, target the right market. Effective marketing will help you to receive more travel clients. Think before you promote the festival tour - will my clients be interested in this festival/event and is the timing right? For example, it is hard to promote Christmas tour to people who spend the same period at home with families.

What is special or unique this year in your place of guiding? Share with us.


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