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Tuesday 22 January 2008

Private Tour Guides and customer service levels

Today I am going to discuss the importance of flexibility during a tour for the customer.
Local private tour guides are indeed passionate about their city and region. Local guides wish to ensure the client gets the most insight and wisdom possible from the time they spend together. Ok, we understand that.

But what if the customer had a big night before meeting? What if jetlag is setting in? Is it time for the tour guides to ease off?

Many private tour guides with believe questions are the answer. Keep checking in with your client to see are they tired, thirsty or even bored. Remember, their happiness is what is key to your success as a tour guide.

Tuesday 15 January 2008

How a tour guide can ensure they lose business

Today I would like to get some feedback and thoughts on the subject of local private tour guides responding quickly to tour requests from potential customers.

Q. What is the required timeframe of reply?
Q. What methods of reply are available to the guides?

One method of quick reply to customers is via E-mail on the internet. This works very well for Local tour guides with daily internet access at their finger tips.

It is true if a client "Frank" is going to visit Kenya, looks for a local tour guide and requests availability confirmation from the guide - he is only willing to wait 48hrs for a reply. Otherwise he shall go to another guide. So how can a local tour guide with infrequent access to the Internet reply back in time? has an option for local private tour guides without daily internet access to recieve a mobile phone text message alert when a customer has sent a booking request. That ensures a timely reply and a happy customer experience.

Would this work for you?