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Tuesday 16 September 2008

Getting coversion rates of tour guide bookings up

I would like today to look for some feedback and suggestions on how OurExplorer can get higher conversion rates for the tour guides.
By this I mean - getting more visitors of to actually book a tour guide of their choice before they leave the site.

- Does the homepage of need to change?
- If yes, how can it change to put more focus on tour guide bookings?

Dave C

Wednesday 3 September 2008

Do tour guide photos help build client trust?

I am always interested when some of the tour guides on OurExplorer do not add their profile photo. I wonder, why not invest an extra minute to complete your profile and then get the benefit from many client bookings later.

Or does a profile photo of a tour guide actually add value and build trust in a potential client?
Would you book a stranger you never saw or a friendly face you trusted more?