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Monday 24 March 2008

OurExplorer - Tour Guide language importance

As a tour guide did you ever wonder how much more business you could generate if you were fluent in another language.

Would you choose a language with a large global speaking population e.g. Spanish or Mandarin Chinese?
Would you be more specific so you may be the only tour guide in your country to speak a certain language e.g. Swedish?

The experience a traveller has with a tour guide is all to do with the relationship built via communication during the tour. So if you are going to invest the time on another language it may be best to only start if you are committed to a fluent level being achieved.

Did you ever benefit from learning a new language resulting in more bookings?

Thursday 6 March 2008

Only 1 month to go until launch!!

Now that we have sucessfully reached March, I am delighted to let all the tour guides know the OurExplorer site will go live on the first week of April.
All Tour Guides who register during the months of April and May will get lifetime free membership. Yes tour guides, lifetime free membership!

Our Explorer is so confident that the website will be a huge success we are willing to give this away for free. All we ask of the tour guide is to populate their full profile as complete as they can.

This is a win/win anyway as it will give the tour guides more business.

Any questions?