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Monday 16 June 2008

OurExplorer Tourist guide booking live - June 13th

Well, it finally happened over the weekend. The OurExplorer tourist guide booking tool went up and live. Tourist guides can now be booked on online directly by clients.
Then user rated and commented on post the booking - which is all stored and displayed for future clients to share and enjoy.

So if you are a tourist guide or an adventure traveller have a look today.
What do you think OurExplorer can do better?

Monday 2 June 2008

Tourist Guide Bookings Site Launch - June 13th

It's been a hard and long road for the OurExplorer team but we finally have the end in sight.
The first true on-line booking system for tourist guides is going live officially on Friday june 13th 2008.
The OurExplorer team have already registered over 200 tourist guides from over 60 countries around the world and the site is still not even live - an anazing acheivement.
Following the success of early tourist guide registeration OurExplorer have decided to make it FREE for all tourist guides to register on the site for the fore seeable future.
The OurExplorer purpose is to help tourist guides increase their income via this global booking tool. Only 2 weeks to go now!!
Why not look at the beta today and give me some feedback?