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Thursday 15 October 2009

New Sightseeing Tours Product - Launched on OurExplorer

OurExplorer launched a new product range for tour guides in October 2009 - Sightseeing Tours with specific prices and photos. Click here to see a sample sightseeing tour

OurExplorer tour guides can now upload and save their top 4 sightseeing tours onto their OurExplorer webpage profile.

Why Upload Your Sightseeing Tours? - Benefits

- Increase your product range for clients to book
- Easy for clients to make direct booking on specific sightseeing tours
- More photos displayed to your clients

How to Add a Sightseeing Tour to your OurExplorer webpage?

1. Login to your profile
2. Click tab “Sightseeing Tours”
3. Click blue button “Add Sightseeing Tours”
4. Add tour details left of the page
5. Click button “Save”
6. Add sightseeing photos right of the page
7. Click tab “Back to sightseeing list” to add more tours.

Contact OurExplorer for more help with Sightseeing Tours Uploading

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