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Friday 18 February 2011

The Power of Tourist Feedback

We all understand the power of feedback. It is especially important in hospitality industry. With the quick-development of online communities and review systems, tour guides are easier to collect or share tourist feedback.

For a long-term career development, receiving feedback is better than no feedback. Negative feedback, or complaints in another word, can help a tour guide find areas of improvement. Do not be afraid of complaints. Even the top guides can not guarantee 100% satisfaction. It matters how you handle the case. Be quick to reply and address the issue. Most clients would understand from an honest and sincere explanation.

Positive feedback is great. It becomes a strong sales tool for tour guides to convert prospects into clients. Why not share it on your own website, web page, blog or social network?

How do you gather client feedback then? Do not just wait for the feedback. Everyone is busy, and you can not take it for granted that your clients could offer a feedback after the tour. You may ask for a review/feedback at the end of the tour. Or kindly remind your clients for a review/feedback in email. However, do not bother your clients if you haven’t heard back after two reminders. Otherwise it is more considered as a spam.

If you build up client feedback on third-party platform, like ourexplorer tour guide profile page, offer a simply way for your client to reflect. For example, an email reply address or a link of review page.

How do you deal with tourist feedback, positive and negative? Welcome to share.


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